Yoah Thürmann

Yoah Thürmann

Yoah Thürmann’s silent short films combine animation and live action to show the inner struggles of their protagonist. They contain aspects of both fantastical and documentary movies.

Having grown up in Berlin, Yoah Thürmann’s Video Projects deal with finding meaning in a life full of routine. Work, social interactions and changing relationships are often in focus.
Different styles of Animation are being combined, 3D, rotoscoped drawn movement and photo collages, to create pictures with stark contrasts. The focus lies on the characters actions and body language, with barely any dialogue. Documentary aspects consist of showing accurate depictions of Work in different fields. The Soundtracks are created under the name Neveyle in collaboration with other artists.


HD Video / 05:05 min / 2021

NEON BLOCK Comforting

HD Video / 01:20 min / 2020

Blaue Zeit

HD Video / 03:33 min / 2022