Yafei Qi

Yafei Qi

Working with film, experimental video and painting, interest in exploring space, time, sound within moving image to show what I fear and what I hate to see.

Yafei Qi (b. 1987), lives and works in Berlin and Beijing. She graduated with a MA in Fine Art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB) in 2016, and was majoring in Film and Video Art in China Academy of Fine Arts with hers BA. She was invited by IASPIS Program for a 3 months’ residency in Umeå, Sweden in 2017. Yafei Qi joined in several of theatrical films and has experience in directing artistic films. In 2016, her work Wearing the fog was selected by several international films festivals and has been exhibited in several galleries and museums.

She is exploring multi-screen video on the basis of her own practical experience. More specifically, Yafei Qi is trying to solve the problem of video itself, such as video space, time, screen composition, performance, and the filmic structure.

Wearing the fog

HD Video / 13:38 min / 2016

It’s tragic that a lot of children are stuck in the deep influence from theirs parents and there is no place to hide. In the small Chinese town, the confrontations between two generations and rebellions of adolescences always happen under a very peaceful surface, though severe enough to separate a family.

The way that the artist approached it was to put two cameras in her home, through the re-enactment and record of contradictions within the family, to explore the impact of High-speed Urbanisation development on individuals.

I wonder why

HD Video / 05:18 min / 2017

It is a video work of a performance. It shows what the psychological impact of when the individual goes away from the normal standards of the social expectations and how the society punish a “female betrayer”.