Tyler Winther

Tyler Winther

My work exists in the space between two opposing sides: Hero and Villain. Moral and Amoral. Dream and Reality.

I am a self taught filmmaker and digital artist from Los Angeles, CA. I grew up traveling the world and was exposed to a multitude of cultures at an early age which bread my unquenchable curiosity of life. Motion pictures are the grand unifier of medias. It is the one art form that has been able to satiate my curiosities and bring together my wide ranging interests. Moving Pictures are how I document my questions, discoveries, and hypotheses concerning the complicated world around me.

Man in Crisis

HD Video / 03:30 min / 2018

Jeff recedes into isolation after being ostracized by the world around him. Off the grid and in the bubble of his bedroom, Jeff formulates a rigidly vindictive world view that will yield deadly consequences. Info: This project is in response to the pervasiveness of mass shootings in the United States. We take an abstracted look at the moment a seemingly harmless person goes from “weird quiet kid” to monster.


HD Video / 25:00 min / 2018

“A teenage girl meets her Ego, Logic, and Spirituality while searching for a way to cope with her fracturing family.” “Atomic” is about the transformative nature of love and the self realization that comes from experiencing it.

Family bonds break, and when they do, it’s explosive; however, unlike an actual explosion, the energy released goes largely unnoticed by those away from the epicenter. Fallout from these events can last generations and the unresolved trauma can spread to future relationships. The fracturing of a family is an explosion. The pain is very real.