Tom Lock

Tom Lock

The audio visual relationships within Tom Lock’s video works are both meditative and whimsical. He uses them to give voice to the type of allegory used in science fiction and fairy tale literature.

Tom Lock often creates rhetoric around mystical and symbolic figures, drawing on the imagery used in children’s story books and T.V. shows to animate these characters. Lock utilises the colourful and psychedelic aesthetics associated with this area of children’s culture, often moving between joyous and melancholic moods and states within his videos.

Tom Lock often collaborates with musicians and sound artists, regularly using these discursive relationships to create a platform for reflecting on and understanding the development of ideas and decision making.

He is based in London and his work has exhibited and screened his work at places such as the Tate Britain, the Institut Français – Japan, the Whitechapel Gallery and most recently Focal Point Gallery in Southend.

Underwater Empire

Video / 02:30 min / 2014

A panoply of visual forms and likenesses inspired artist Tom Lock to make “Underwater Empire”. These include nineteenth century scientific drawings of sea creatures by Ernst Haeckle, the repetitive visual rhythms of Islamic geometry and the tessellated patterns of ceramic tiles often seen decorating the streets and houses around Southern Europe.

Starting out by painting each individual frame of the spinning mandala by hand, Lock developed the animation alongside the composition of an original soundtrack by musician Rudi Schmidt. The relationship of sound and image is inseparable as the evolving forms of the mandala playfully interact with the different phases and tones of the musical score. This short film surges with movement and energy emoting the same spirit of discovery of Haeckle’s drawings and the immersive effect of walking through Moorish streets and architecture animated with colourful shapes and patterns.

Memory Theatre

Video / 04:45 min / 2012

‘Memory Theatre’ takes as it's starting point a personal reflection on my memory of cartoons, films, online videos and music. The material used in the work ranges from reflections on my childhood in the 80's through to the present day. Collage and cut up techniques run throughout the editing creating confusing and psychedelic relationships within the visual and sonic content. Video is broken down through pixelation whilst layers of imagery, sound and live action are merged together.

The Source Has Spoken

Video / 03:15 min / 2012

The Source Has Spoken is an allegorical tale set in a simplified graphic landscape of psychedelic colours and dull TV static. The work was developed through subjective reflection on the aesthetics of children's TV from the 80's to 90's and contemporary HD animation and video glitching. Ambiguous characters enact fragments of meaning in a child like story book fashion.