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Online Video Rental

Immediately after you complete your purchase you will be redirected to your member’s account dashboard where you can watch the video for the rental period. If you are a new member you will also receive an email with a link to your member account. Frequent buffering of the video can occur when you are on a slower internet connection that does not support playback of HD video quality. Please switch to one of the lower quality options by clicking the gear icon in the playbar.

Introduction: Limited Edition

6×6 project partners with, a blockchain technology that allows artists to define unique digital limited editions. Each edition will have an entry on the blockchain with a private key (cryptographic ID) that can be tracked, and which proves the assurance of authenticity.

Process: Limited Edition

After you place an order, we will send you an email with information explaining how to register for an ascribe account. Within 1–3 days, we will transfer the ownership to the email address you have registered with us when you submitted your order. You will receive an email from 6×6 project and ascribe, which will confirm that the edition is available to be viewed and/or downloaded in your ascribe account.

Ascribe Account

Your ascribe’s account includes the edition provenance, technical data, and a digital Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate confirms the authenticity, your ownership of, and the date you acquired your limited edition. When you’re logged in, you will be able to download, consign and transfer the ownership of the edition to others. Ascribe’s Terms of Service is available here.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Digital downloadable limited editions are non-returnable and non-refundable. Once the ownership of an edition has been transferred, it cannot be undone, because it has been registered on the blockchain. What has been written to the blockchain is permanent, and cannot be deleted. We regret, therefore, that once the edition has been purchased by you, your order may not be cancelled or refunded. If, however, you experience difficulty accessing or downloading your edition, then help is available – please see your confirmation email for our support contact details.


All credit/debit card transactions on the website are processed using PayPal, a secure online gateway that encrypts your credit/debit card details and cannot be accessed by us. Please make sure that you carefully review PayPal’s full terms and conditions before completing a transaction. PayPal’s full terms and conditions are available here.

Our prices are in Euro (EU). Please note that your bank will use a currency conversion rate for your purchase and may impose a currency conversion fee on your payment if your card or bank account is in a currency that is different from the Euro. These currency conversion rates and fees are not controlled by or known to us.


The price we charge for limited editions will increase as each edition is sold such that fewer remain available for purchase.

Usage Rights

Please note that you will not own the copyright in the edition or any other applicable intellectual property rights.

You acknowledge that the artist who created the edition continues to own the copyright in it and has asserted his/her moral rights. This means that the artist has the right to be identified as the author of the artwork and each edition.

To inform the artist, as far as is possible, of whatever loan of the edition for exhibition purposes; and in the event of attaining income or revenue from the edition, the artist would be compensated according to the agreement of both parties in each case.

With the purchase of the edition, you obtain the rights to:
The right to exhibition and public communication, without changing or modifying the work.
The right to make backup and exhibition copies.

The right to lend the copy of the work to museums and cultural institutions for exhibition purposes.


Each edition is original, created by the artist, and strictly limited in series.

Your edition may not be compatible with all devices, operating systems and media. You must ensure that the purchased edition is compatible with the devices, operating systems and media used by you before purchasing it.

6×6 project is not responsible for providing updates, upgrades or any changes to editions where they become incompatible with future technology.