Stefano Miraglia

Stefano Miraglia

Combining different disciplines such as photography, music-making and archiving, Stefano Miraglia makes moving images which stand between collage, abstract art and diaristic cinema.

Stefano Miraglia (b. 1988 in Málaga, Spain) is an artist and curator based in Paris, France. He studied cinema in Rome and Lyon.

His work has been presented internationally in exhibition spaces such as Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Centrum (Germany), Museo Mar (Argentina) and in film festivals such as Prismatic Ground, ICDOCS, Vienna Shorts and Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris – where his film Anoche received an award in 2017.

As a curator, he is interested in how cinephilia works at the intersection of art, pedagogy and collective thinking. Since 2019 he has been working on the rediscovery and reappraisal of the work of Ellis Donda.

Stefano is the founder and curator of Movimcat as well as an associate curator in various collectives, and an active member of the French association of art curators C|E|A.


HD Video / 17:56 min / 2021

Considerations on collage as a cognitive act in artists’ cinema. A pedagogical film adrift: 35mm photographs and other materials collected over the last fifteen years by Stefano Miraglia meet a text written by Baptiste Jopeck and the voice of Margaux Guillemard.

Thick Air

HD Video / 14:10 min / 2020

An experimental music ensemble is recording an album. They want a very specific sound: the sound of thick air. The sound engineer struggles to understand and to find that sound. A tale of sleepless nights and loud music, Thick Air is a noise-injected collage, composed of diaristic footage, a found narrative (memories of a popular 60s band), original music and field recordings.


HD Video / 07:45 min / 2017

Three memories that become one. An attempt to merge heterogeneous materials: a film sequence shot in Rome, a photo from the 1930s, a noisy soundtrack. Fragmented lines, exploding bass frequencies and flickering.

“cuando Roma sea polvo, gemirá en la infinita
noche de su palacio fétido el minotauro.”

Jorge Luis Borges, La noche cíclica, 1940