Stefani Glauber

Stefani Glauber

The narration of digitization as capable of extensive salvation and simultaneously as enabling the most threatening tools creates terrains of ambivalence. In those I stray.

Moments of human — system interactions are the focus of Stefani Glauber’s work. She observes the tightening relations between humans and machines, often coming across aspects of system failures, poetic moments, unobserved details, blindly trusted assumptions, meaningful details and humour.

Stefani Glauber studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne where she currently lives and works.


HD Video / 06:23 min / 2017

The Video ECHO ELIZA ALEXA tells the stories of three different female figures in different social and cultural contexts. Echo is a nymph, a figure from mythology whose own speech was taken due to a punishment. She consequently can only speak with the last words said to her. ELIZA, written in 1966 is a computer program to enable human-computer communication based on natural speech. Alexa is a digital assistant from the company Amazon which can only be voice controlled. All three figures are perceived as disembodied, have female names and simulate communication through a form of repetition.