Sidsel Becker

Sidsel Becker

The camera is my body and the silent movement of my eye, it is a circular motion between sleep and awake, time and space. Soon I will find myself where I have been all along.

My filmwork is based in the tradition of fine art photography. I was always curious about stretching a moment, carry over the stillness from photography to the moving image. I am working from a longing for silence, a curiosity of the circular conception of time, memory and archive material. Exploring the notion of womanhood through generations, the longing for, and challenges of, giving form and revisiting rooms constructed by memory. It is the basic substance of all my projects.

I have been working with photography and video since late nineties in various and changing contexts, always exploring the space within – and around the image. I hold a Masters in Production Design from The Danish Design School, and in Film and Video Production from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

A Reflection

2-channel video / 23:00 min / 2021

02:37 min excerpt

Through years I have been filming a child and an old woman in their private rooms, in a house in the forest. In continues conversations around nature, memory and old age we became familiar, and a narrative of three generations formed, the child, myself and the old woman. Given the constant return to the same rooms and situations over the years, the conversations would form and stretch over time.

As we were moving through the house, between different states of mind, I found that the women who inhabited these rooms did not move in a linear time, they moved in circles, an inner movement that shifted through generations. This project is an ongoing collection of material. A Reflection is the first chapter.


HD Video / 08:00 min / 2013

00:55 min excerpt

I went to the lighthouse and spent some days with these two children, a boy and a girl. At nighttime the darkness seemed infinite, but the repetitive white streaks of light continued to interrupt and give rhythm to something lost but not forgotten.

Laura. She Doesn’t Want To Be Seen, But I Want To Look

HD Video / 05:40 min / 2007

01:35 min excerpt

The first time I saw her was late at night at the public swimming pool at Brown University. She went through some very precise rituals of changing and washing, without at any time being in the nude or letting herself be affected by her surroundings. She showed no signs of having noticed my arrival. I began visiting the swimming pool frequently and some sort of relation grew between us: she went through her rituals and I watched her. It took a long time before I had the courage to ask her permission to film her. Even then she just shrugged and nodded.