Rosa Doornenbal

Rosa Doornenbal

In sculptures, videos and performances Rosa Doornenbal explores how commercialisation of ways of caring for the body has changed experiences of intimacy, physicality and sexuality.

Rosa Doornenbal’s practice is shaped by an interest in the way objects of care and support can shape, control and disrupt subjectivity and gender norms. From a feminist perspective she tries to understand and subvert ways of objectification. In the video works possible fictions are created to open up alternative relationships in between objects and people in which new power dynamics can be explored.

Rosa Doornenbal is currently finalizing her Masters of Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University in London.

A gentle push won’t hurt

HD Video / 02:04 min / 2017

The sea wrinkles too

HD Video / 02:20 min / 2018

“The Sea wrinkles too” is about the absurdity of trying to live up to projected images of wellbeing, ‘good living’ and longevity, whilst searching for true relaxation on a holiday with my family. I am trying to explore what it is to relax and take care of yourself through means advertised by wellness cultures. Guided by the wisdom of a tortoise, a symbol of longevity, the absurdities of tropes of ‘good living’ come forward in lessons on family planning.