Rebecca Lennon

Rebecca Lennon

Rebecca Lennon works with writing, video, music and performance - meditating on questions of voice and selfhood, ownership and language.

An artist based in London, Rebecca works across media including video, text, performance, sound and music to think about and play with the non-linear shapes and rhythms of the voice, memory and the speaking body. Testing the limits of language, she combines multiple voice layers, associative narratives, frenetic image sequences, tics, hums and loops to unsettle the boundaries between writing and thinking.

Rebecca Lennon graduated from the Slade School of Art London MA programme in 2010 and is currently a lecturer on the Fine Art BA at Arts University Bournemouth. In 2012, she was selected for the European Media Art Award and residency at CANTE, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and participated in a 6 month Arts Council residency in Mexico City the following year. She has also done residencies in Chiapas, Mexico, Braziers Park, UK and recently, Turin, Italy. Until 2014, Rebecca was represented by Ceri Hand Gallery, London and has exhibited internationally. Recent exhibitions include: Whitstable Biennial 2018, a collaboration with Sophie Jung and Sarah Duffy at Jupiter Woods and a solo show at Matt’s Gallery, London in October last year. She has an upcoming solo show at Almanac Inn Turin, in May to be toured to the UK through 2019/20. Rebecca Lennon produces music both independently and collaboratively, and as Diet Terror with artist Benedict Drew.

Words are Angular Sharp Tenant

HD Video / 03:42 min / 2018

Rebecca Lennon layers images, speech, text and sound to meditate on questions of selfhood, language, dis/order and choreography.

Sewing together diaristic footage, with gestures and body language, hums and verbal tics, associations and repeated, spiralling phrases, these works reject linearity to instead explore fragmentary, rhythmical, circular and bodily narratives.

In Rebecca Lennon’s hands, images, sounds and words are treated with equal attention. These materials are combined, reworked and repeated; meaning and connotation slip and destabilise. The artist creates a situation in which languages (visual and verbal) can be set into play with one another.

Hellmouth, Cats Paw, Landlord

HD Video / 01:33 min / 2018