Ralph Pritchard

Ralph Pritchard

My work explores the desires, fears and needs that are present in an encounter between two or more people. I am interested in how politics interfaces with the human condition.

In 2014 Ralph Pritchard dropped out of film school to become the founding head of video at Novara Media, an online activist media outlet, while freelancing for various campaigns including Black Lives Matter and Jeremy Corbyn.

Since leaving journalism in 2016 Ralph has developed a fine art practice focused on moving image, experimenting with internet aesthetics, online messaging and emotional labour.

As of 2018 Ralph Pritchard is studying an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art. His recent film work looks at how narrative and dramaturgy can open up the interpersonal psychology of political structures. This line of enquiry involves exploring trauma, storytelling, repressed desire, fascism, self-esteem and love.

Heaven Hell

HD Video / 09:38 min / 2018

‘Heaven, Hell’ explores the distance between bodies and words. When I began the project my main objective was to bring instant messaging into space of cinematic suspense. Now, as a dual-channel gallery piece, the focus is on desire and mind/body separation. Keeping track of two fragmentary narratives in parallel enhances the feeling of distraction and hyper-stimulation.


HD Video / 03:15 min / 2017

In 2017, I created promotional material for a fictitious app called “Shouldr” which allows people to sell their emotional labour skills to paying customers. The infrastructure of the app broadly resembles peer-to-peer gig economy apps like Uber and Airbnb which help individuals sell goods or services to a broad customer base, with increased flexibility. The advert forms the groundwork of a longer narrative short film entitled On Your Terms.