What’s your background?

I originally got interested in art around 16/17 yrs, after getting into experimental music because it is often tied to visual art(ists).

What influences you artistically?

Funny enough less (contemporary) fine arts and more other media mainly (video) games, memes, youtube videos/streamers, fanart but also tv-shows, movies and books. If it’s fine art, then usually artists who explore similiar things as me.

How do you start a new work?

I often make notes of what I’m generally interested in but usually only start work in context of a project and a deadline, like an exhibition, a workshop or music release usually working with in a theme dictated by me and/or the organizers. If I work more aimlessly it’s usually when making music.

What are you working on right now?

Mainly on a new music release exploring modular synthesis and sectarianism in leftist circles and also making music with my band. I do wanna come back to visual media too even if it’s just in context of the art direction of the release I’m working on.