Luciana Kaplun

What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, where I studied education. When I migrated to Israel I started to focus on art. I studied photography for my BFA. During my MFA I expended my interest in video and performance. Through those years I was also part of an artistic group called “Public Movement” — that investigates and stages political actions in public spaces.

What influences you artistically?

I’m truly inspired by narratives created by popular culture, usually from post colonial countries. My work addresses sociopolitical issues like immigration, refugees and new hybrid identities of people looking for work and a better life in different places. I’m interested in television and cinema formats and some Latin American writers like Cortazar, Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, mainly from the “Magical Realism” genre.

How do you start a new work?

My work is based on extensive and long research. I usually start a new project by talking to people, listening to their stories and learning about their cultures. The personal connection with the people I chose to work with, is crucial to my process.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on raising my baby. I decided to take a little break from intensive projects. Meanwhile, I would like to experiment with new formats and styles.