Liz Rosenfeld

What’s your background?

USA & Germany

What influences you artistically?

The mess and leakiness of bodies, clear and ambiguous bodily boundaries, fat and flesh as material, edging, collectivity, the roots of hypocritical desire and sexuality.

How do you start a new work?

This depends on the medium of the work I am doing, as my work stems across video, installation, performance, writing and drawing. Usually, the next work is informed by the previous work, even if the topics are slightly different from each other. I look to influences of auto theory, personal experiences, challenging what I know and experience as a modality to expand time and space, as well as confront and question my own realities and privilege as a queer person.

What are you working on right now?

I am about to finish my first book, which will be released in 2025. It is an auto- theoretical book co- written with Dr. Joao Florencio, which looks at our relationship to cruising through our relationship, personal experiences and my 20 years of artistic work dealing with this topic.