Bernd Oppl

What’s your background?

It depends where I am standing or in which space I am. Sometimes my background is the city, a street, a house, a room. Sometimes it is a landscape, sometimes it is the bed where I sleep. It depends on the point of view.

What influences you artistically?

I am influenced by what surrounds me. It is the architecture that surrounds me, my body as the smallest space I have to carry around, technologies that influence and change our perception of what surrounds us. So what interests me the most is this relationship between the media image, physical space, technology and our body.

How do you start a new work?

It can be different things that trigger a idea and lead to a work. Sometimes it is a text, a found object, a film I watched. But also often it feels like one work leads to the other. So the process of working and experimenting is what leads to new works.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment I work on a series of dioramas. those dioramas create a mise-en-scène of completely empty spaces. The viewer sees a series of 3D-Prints of non-descript spaces of transition and pause. Given their monochrome simplicity, these random places become surfaces onto which fantasies and memories can be projected.