Winnie Herbstein

Winnie Herbstein is exploring the way we’re told the things we believe.

Taking ethnographic film as a point of departure, I am thinking about who and what is given permission to enter the frame, and whose voices are allowed to prescribe meaning. Within my work, I often use personal anecdote or memoirs as a way to access alternative histories. In recent exhibitions I have begun looking at the ‘official’ or essentialist views surrounding gender and technologies; how this leads to the gendering of workplaces as well as to the materials used.

Solo shows include: Before I could speak, X spoke, Outpost Gallery. Norwich, England (2017); Soft Shoulder, SWG3 Gallery. Glasgow, Scotland (2016). Group exhibitions include: Spring Season, Hospitalfield Arts. Arbroath, Scotland (2017); Domestic Observations, Jace Space. Los Angeles, USA (2016); Bit Between Teeth, Sattler and Pötszch, Leipzig (2016).

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Winnie Herbstein
Circling Roads / 07:48 / 2016 ▶
Winnie Herbstein
Screw us and we will multiply / 06:51 / 2016 ▶
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