Viviana Troya

In my work I consider the foundations of how we understand who and where we are in time — the awareness of our existence in everyday life and the technologies influencing our comprehension of the world.

Viviana Troya graduated from the University of Los Andes, where she received a PG Diploma in Multimedia Creation before moving to London where she is currently completing her MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.

Her work observes the influence of technology on contemporary life, exploring subjects such as memory and identity in digital culture, and our current perceptions of time. By delving into these notions of a transforming humanity, Viviana’s work aims to engage with art responsive to the conditions of its time, ultimately stimulating a critical reflection in the audience.

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Viviana Troya
Solitary Ceremony / 07:58 / 2018 ▶
Viviana Troya
Who’s not waiting / live video / 2017 ▶
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