Tom Lock

The audio visual relationships within Tom Lock’s video works are both meditative and whimsical. He uses them to give voice to the type of allegory used in science fiction and fairy tale literature.

Tom Lock often creates rhetoric around mystical and symbolic figures, drawing on the imagery used in children’s story books and T.V. shows to animate these characters. Lock utilises the colourful and psychedelic aesthetics associated with this area of children’s culture, often moving between joyous and melancholic moods and states within his videos.

Tom Lock often collaborates with musicians and sound artists, regularly using these discursive relationships to create a platform for reflecting on and understanding the development of ideas and decision making.

He is based in London and his work has exhibited and screened his work at places such as the Tate Britain, the Institut Fran├žais – Japan, the Whitechapel Gallery and most recently Focal Point Gallery in Southend.

Available Videos to watch
Tom Lock
Underwater Empire / 02:30 / 2014 ▶
Tom Lock
Memory Theatre / 04:45 / 2012 ▶
Tom Lock
The Source Has Spoken / 03:15 / 2012 ▶
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