Susanne Dietz

Motivated by the question of how to integrate a past within the present, Susanne Dietz’s videos explore the relationship between the moving image and lived experience, with its inherent sense of disorientation in a search for belonging.

Susanne Dietz (GER/UK) is an artist working with moving image, sound and performance. She creates videos and installations which question the ambiguous nature of reality, memory and the restless body. She works across visual arts, theatre and live performance using immersive AV technology.

From 1998 to 2016 she was part of Shunt, a pioneering experience-led, immersive performance collective that created site specific live events across abandoned buildings in London. Dietz co-founded Ballpark, a moving image collective supporting artists development.

Available Videos to watch
Susanne Dietz
Gazes from Beyond the Grave / 10:12 / 2019 ▶
Susanne Dietz
Bunker on Kummerstraße [Grief Street] / 10:02 / 2018 ▶
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