Susanne Dietz

Motivated by the question of how to integrate a past within the present, Susanne Dietz’s videos explore the relationship between the moving image and lived experience, with its inherent sense of disorientation in a search for belonging.

Susanne Dietz is interested in the moving image offering an enigma to the intergenerational dialogue. In her work, she considers the recorded image as an inscription of historical imagination and explores its potential tensions and responsibilities.

Working in digital video – combining both analog and digital processes – her projects often begin with research into a collection, an archive or an examination of place. Drawing inspiration from objects and materials that document personal histories and memories, she employs the concept of staging as a means to articulate the way in which images and bodies appear temporally and spatially in the present.

She was part of artist collective Shunt, creating performance events for disused spaces in London between 2001 and 2018, and has created numerous site-specific videos and installations for live performances and experimental theatre.

After receiving a BA in History and English at University of Cologne she completed an MA in Artists’ Film & Moving Image at Goldsmiths University of London in 2018.

Available Videos to watch
Susanne Dietz
Bunker on Kummerstraße [Grief Street] / 10:02 / 2018 ▶
Susanne Dietz
The Architects with Shunt Collective / 02:00 / 2012 ▶
Susanne Dietz
Bandsalat Themes / 03:08 / 03:40 / 2004, 2010 ▶
Susanne Dietz
Multiple Choice / 12:31 / 2001 ▶
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