Sarah Bernauer

A main focus of Sarah Bernauer’s work lies on the social interaction with the Internet, in particular the influence of the Internet in the design of our individual reality.

Starting out from a language-based interest, Sarah Bernauer transfers her subjects into a wide variety of art forms such as sculpture, film, audio, print and photography (in other works, also performance) and combines them in spatial installations.

A central theme in Sarah Bernauer’s work is how the internet affects the design of our individual reality and social interactions. In this context, she has given a special attention to the various forms of dealing with language – spoken, written, but also in their manifestation as symbols and signs – and the resulting transformation processes between different cultural and temporal spaces.

Sarah Bernauer is currently based in Berlin. Her work has been shown in various institutions and galleries across Europe, most recently at the Austrian Cultural Forum London, Thames-side Gallery and Kunsthalle Basel.

Available Videos to watch
Milky Ways by Sarah Bernauer
Milky Ways / 06:08 / 2015 ▶
Sarah Bernauer
Feeling Felt Episode 1: Are you real? / 13:42 / 2016 ▶
Sarah Bernauer
Feeling Felt Episode 2: Close-up / 13:09 / 2016 ▶
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