Nina Mangalanayagam

Nina Mangalanayagam explores themes of belonging and hybridity, often using a semi-autobiographical approach.

Nina Mangalanayagam is a visual artist working with still and moving Image based in London. She has a Masters in Photography from the Royal College of Art and a PhD by practice from the University of Westminster.

In her practice, Nina analyses the shifting points of identification one experiences as a mixed heritage subject, to explore the dichotomy of black and white notions of identity.

Nina Mangalanayagam exhibits and screens her work regularly. Recent institutions include Whitechapel Art Gallery, Nottingham Contemporary, the Colombo Biennale, Sri Lanka, and the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Nina won the Jerwood Photography Award in 2005 was short-listed for ArtsAdmin’s Decibel Visual Artist Award in 2006. Nina’s photographs will be published in a forthcoming book, A-Z of Conflict, published by Raking Leaves in 2017.

Available Videos to watch
Nina Mangalanayagam
Lacuna / 11:00 / 2009 ▶
Nina Mangalanayagam
Balancing Act / 10:00 / 2012 ▶
Nina Mangalanayagam
We call her Pulle / 22:00 / 2015 ▶
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