n.stevik fka Nicolas Humbert brings a post-gdr perspective into the observation of nerd and internet culture. Currently his focus is on chronically online leftism, through merging of the Lovecraft mythos and the history of socialist states.

n.stevik fka Nicolas Humbert work centers around a self-critical yet uplifting view on otaku/nerd culture with his current focus being online leftism spefically Marxist-Leninism and it’s derivatives. He does this with overlapping the Lovecraft Mythos and the history and aesthetics of the Marxist-Leninist movement starting with, for instance, the attire of the bolsheviks, the weaponry of the Soviet State and socialist realist art, to the 68-movement in West Germany and life in the GDR, up until the current state of the movement represented through heated twitter discussions, brutal memes and by merging into geekier culture like the Karl Marx Anime made by the Chinese State or Fallout New Vegas Communist Game Modifications. Besides visual collages and video pieces, stevik uses sound and music as a tool to recontextualize anything into something steady and transcendent using for example micro-samples of internet memes, field recordings of natural hums, radio noises and video game devices to compose and peform music. One of his avatars is the dj/producer persona Blue Stork, in which he explores the vast world of agressive club music genres and their use of sustaining bass/kicks, in which he sees a connection with minimalist drone music. He obtained a Meisterschüler degree in Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin in 2020.

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an mshaped cave / 05:14 / 2019 ▶
stevik & grappa / 19:41 / 2019 ▶
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