Markus Oberndorfer

Markus Oberndorfer works with a main focus on photography and timeline-based audiovisual media

Markus Oberndorfer was born 1980 in Austria and studied Art and Photography at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He works as full-time artist with a primary focus on photography and audiovisual time-based media, occasionally writes essays and uses performance, objects, additional material or spatial installations.

His work is a documentation of the pre-existing that is concerned with how we engage with space. How we interact with it, use and change it. By pre-existing he essentially means everything a place presents to him. Everything that has an attractive force so strong as to make him engage. He captures what moves him personally to tell stories and trigger chains of associations in the viewer.

Markus Oberndorfer’s projects usually are of a conceptual, interdisciplinary and media-reflective nature. They scrutinize what has been documented and how.

Apart from conceptual layers the image or visual landscape presented has to stand for itself and has to have the power to compel to engage. His creations nevertheless are part of bigger work-groups, sequences or stories that are supposed to show a wider context of things.

Some of his works have been published in books and/or shown at festivals, in museums and galleries (Circulation(s) Festival Paris, Musée des Beaux Arts de Rennes, Museum of Modern Art Salzburg, Galerie Ostlicht, Ernst Hilger, Bildraum…). He received awards and grands and is represented in private and public collections in Europe, Japan and the US.

Available Videos to watch
Markus Oberndorfer
REVISITED: Early Morning / 8:30 — 15:30 / 2016 ▶
Markus Oberndorfer
REVISITED: Afterglow / 8:30 — 15:30 / 2016 ▶
Markus Oberndorfer
Autrement on devient fou / 30:19 / 2013 ▶
Markus Oberndorfer
Lenscapes #2 / 02:58 / 2011 ▶
Markus Oberndorfer
Untitled_in_case_01 / 03:18 / 2006 ▶
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