Mariken Kramer

Mariken Kramer is a visual artist based in Oslo, whose work focuses on structural and social aspects of the human condition; investigating how we perceive, interact, categorize and tell our stories.

My work deals with social and personal issues related to being human among other humans and focuses on underlying mechanisms in interpersonal encounters and relations, as well as on the vulnerability of the individual within the social group. I am intrigued by the psychological, structural and social aspects that constitute us as individuals and how we, through different narratives and storytelling, perceive, (re)present and construct our identities in relation to the collective that we are part of (or excluded from).

My latest film “Art 35.5 Hours a Week” (2017), a collaboration with Eli Eines, depicts the National Gallery in Oslo from the perspective of the security guards who work there, reflecting on the rhythm of their working day and how the building and its works of art touch them as individuals. The film gives voice to a group of people who are seldom heard in these matters. My work has been shown at galleries, museums and filmfestivals in Norway and abroad.

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Mariken Kramer
Patterns of Inclusion / 09:00 / 2013 ▶
Mariken Kramer
Schimogenesis / 01:00 / 2011 ▶
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