Margarida Paiva

Margarida Paiva’s video works narrate discontinuous stories based on real events, which she deconstructs to reassemble the fragments in unexpected ways to create new plots.

Using cinematographic narrative techniques, her works relate intense portrayals of pensive emotions in which the characters become trapped inside their own mental state. These characters are used to lead the story into a subliminal, dark and fragmented world. Themes of death, trauma, isolation, and memory are reoccurring motifs in these films. Characterizing an existential contemporary solitude, these are poetical narratives with a hint of something undefinable.

Margarida Paiva (1975), originally from Portugal, lives and works in Oslo. In 2007, she completed her Master degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her work has been shown widely in exhibitions and international festivals such as Oslo Intercultural Museum (NO); Muratcentoventidue Contemporary Art Gallery, Bari (IT); Screen City Biennial, Stavanger (NO); KINO DER KUNST, Munich (DE). Her short film “Every Story Is Imperfect” (2012) has been awarded at FOKUS 2014 Video Art Festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen (DK).

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Margarida Paiva
Margarida Paiva
THE DAY I WASN’T THERE / 12:08 / 2014 ▶
Margarida Paiva
IN HER FOOTSTEPS / 14:17 / 2013 ▶
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