Maja Hodoscek

Maja Hodoscek (1984) is an artist, pedagogue, and researcher.

She works in the intersection between art, education, politics and everyday life and makes video works, installations as well as initiates various workshops. Through the language of moving image, Hodoscek explores diverse social groups and potential learning environments.

Her work was shown in many group exhibitions (Beyond the Globe, 8. Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3, curated by Boris Groys, Modern Gallery Ljubljana, 2016, South by South East, curated by Patrick D. Flores and Anca Verona Mihulety, Guangdong Times Museum, China, 2016, Travelling Communiqué curated by Armin Linke, Doreen Mende and Milica Tomić, Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, 2014, and solo exhibitions; Dreamers, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, 2016, We Need a Title, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, 2015. In 2010 she won the OHO Award in Slovenia, and was nominated for Open Frame Award in 2016 (goEast Film Festival, Wiesbaden). She finished her MA at Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, NL.

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Maja Hodoscek
The Lesson / 15:00 / 2017 ▶
Maja Hodoscek
Poem / 11:00 / 2015 ▶
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