Lydia Nsiah

Lydia Nsiah’s works deal with in-between spaces and gaps in different media, transforming found and shot memory pictures, process and archival moving images.

In her films, videos, photos, serigraphies, texts and installations, she processes means of cinematographic montage, text collage and film essay. Mediating between historical and contemporary aesthetic strategies, she critically exposes media (and knowledge) production as multi-layered and complex concepts and forms. Her artistic approach is shaped by the search for open, diverse and experimental outputs of stories, histori(ographi)es and ephemeral commemorative cultures. For this, she deals with forms and practices of forgetting, ephemerality, failure and error, archival practice, arts and useful media, and the photofilmic.

Lydia Nsiah lives and works in Vienna, and abroad. She has published and exhibited internationally i.a. at REMASTERED, Kunsthalle Krems (AT), Curtocircuíto, Santiago de Compostela (ES), Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (PT), Antimatter [Media Art], Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery, Victoria, BC (CA), Cork Film Festival (IE) or New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw (PL).

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Lydia Nsiah
distortion / 04:40 / 2018 ▶
Lydia Nsiah
#000035189 / 07:00 / 2013 ▶
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