Lisa Matthys

Lisa Matthys’ work is an exploration of lightness as a reaction to the heaviness of the world. It is often inspired by the absurd play and perceptions of children.

Lisa Matthys (1982, BE) is a Brussels based artist and documentary maker. She studied fine arts at Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp and at UdK, Berlin & LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. She works primarily with video and photography, sometimes with elements of installation. Her approach and angle on subject matter is often based on ludic and participative methods. Her work looks at social relations under different (political) contexts and is grounded in collaboration gestures. She puts a strong emphasis on reality, with a poetic vision.

In her video work PLAY! she filmed how and what children play. The work is a poetic ode to the free play, the games children invent when they are on their own, when they feel free and create their own world. A world that often reflects their daily reality. It was filmed in three different zones: conflict, rural and urban (Palestine, Iceland and Brussels).

Currently she’s working on a documentary about traumatized Yezidi children in Iraq who were in IS captivity. One of the research methods is sandplay therapy.

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Lisa Matthys
PLAY! / 19:12 / 2018 ▶
Lisa Matthys
Sabagiro / 10:40 / 2017 ▶
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