Kengy’s practical research is solely based on embracing the aesthetics of Blackness.

Kendra Moné McNichols, known as Kengy, is a West-Indian American multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Kengy is a graduate of Barry University (2016) in Miami, FL, USA and later received a MA Photography degree in 2019 from the Royal College of Art. Her artistic practice is immensely experimental fusing varied art mediums: photography, filmmaking, installation, jewelry/metal, textile, and screen-printing. Kengy produces artwork that captures the urban cultural aesthetics of Blackness authentically and unapologetically. She utilizes research of race and social politics on Black culture to bring awareness about discrimination and colorism. Kengy is the founder of FETARI, a new creative platform for emerging arts and music to give creators an opportunity to showcase their talents. Her mission is to create a healing space where communities and artists unite for the love of art and culture.

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Blackness / 02:30 / 2019 ▶
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