Karolina Raczynski

My practice draws on the concepts of community, space and technology. I seek to merge my background in Expanded Cinema with socially focused interactions.

Influenced by Expanded Cinema, my work attempts to move beyond the single screen setup of conventional filmmaking and instead emphasises the perception of the projection as a physical experience to create more participatory roles for the viewer. Often using performance, video, film, Internet, public intervention and a broader form of documentary work, I am interested how the audience receive and respond to these events. Influenced by the activities of the London Film-Makers Co-operative (1966-1999) and inspired by its collaborative and supportive form of production, I am also a founder member of collective-iz, an all-female London based experimental filmmakers collective. I have participated in screenings and events around the UK and Europe as well as worldwide.

Available Videos to watch
Karolina Raczynsk
Skype Call / 09:30 / 2011 ▶
Karolina Raczynsk
“Fight, fight, fight back!” / 03:00 / 2010 ▶
Karolina Raczynsk
Pusty Stan (Empty State) / 17:04 / 2014 ▶
Karolina Raczynsk
(art)work / 17:05 / 2016 ▶
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Website: cargocollective.com/karolinaraczynski