Karin Ferrari

Karin Ferrari’s work is inspired by counter-cultural YouTube videos that attempt to understand “what’s really going on”.

Karin Ferrari is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. Her artistic research focuses on narratives of internet subculture on the threshold of academic theory, (political) paranoia, and speculative fiction. Ferrari’s work relates current topics of contemporary media theory to pop culture, occultism and fringe science. Karin Ferrari’s video series DECODING (THE WHOLE TRUTH) claims to reveal hidden messages.

Karin Ferrari’s work has been shown internationally: at the Antarctic Biennial 2017, at Blickle Kino in the 21er Haus – Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, at the Moscow International Biennial for Young Art 2016, at the Royal Military Museum in Brussels , Satellite Art Show in Miami, Videotage in Hong Kong, in Belgium, Trafo Gallery in Budapest, Tiger Strikes Asteroid in New York, Satellite Art Show in Miami on Arte Creative and Austrian National Television.

Available Videos to watch
Karin Ferrari
DECODING The Mysteries of Antarctica (THE WHOLE TRUTH) / 11:27 / 2017 ▶
Karin Ferrari
DECODING Austria’s News (THE WHOLE TRUTH) / 25:00 / 2016 ▶
Karin Ferrari
DECODING Katy Perry’s Dark Horse (THE WHOLE TRUTH) / 20:00 / 2015-2016 ▶
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