Jon Baker

I am interested in poking fun at traditional symbols of masculine power in humans and animals.

I often make assemblages with small objects to photograph at large scale. Subjects have included plants, sweets, toys and meat. The change in size and colour can make the photographs disorientating to look at.

For the last two years I have been developing photographic work made using a room-sized, self-built high definition camera. The photographs are colourful, glossy and bright. The images are made by directly exposing large sheets of paper inside the camera, creating unique photographs.

My new work made with the room sized camera is called ‘Mess Packages’ they are named after a term used in childrens’ Art Therapy. It describes artworks made from many different materials and colours, forced together by the child in a chaotic and messy way. Therapists interpret these artworks as implying desire for power and autonomy.

Jon Baker (b.1977) received a Ba from Chelsea College of Arts (2014). He has exhibited work at the Serpentine Gallery, the Parasol Unit and the Catlin Prize. Jon was born and lives in London.

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Jon Baker
Skull Fucker / 00:30 / 2020 ▶
Jon Baker
Image Sharing number 3 / 00:30 / 2020 ▶
Jon Baker and Matthew Burdis
The Idealist and The Contrarian #4 #7 #9 / 08:56 / 2016-18 ▶
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