Jamie Jenkinson

I make improvised smartphone-videos, generally of anything that looks like it might make a
nice vid.

I make smartphone-videos in dialogue with the automated ‘AI’ features of the device. I am interested in the dialogue that occurs in the act of recording, and the decisions being made through the collaboration of human and machine. The smartphone’s decisions conform to normative ‘user-friendly’ ideals that attempt a stable, professional-looking image. But this image and its algorithmic presets are unstable, and can be explored beyond this rigid framework by engaging in a visual dialogue with the device. The vids here are the most recent in an ongoing database of online videos, and this viewership is the original.

Jamie Jenkinson is a practitioner, programmer and researcher specialising in user-culture and surrounding technologies. His videos, installations, performances, and screening programmes of experimental film and video have been shown internationally; and he is currently a doctoral student at LICA, Lancaster, researching the materialist qualities of video through Vilém Flusser’s “quanta” and Peter Gidal’s structural/materialist film theory. Jenkinson is currently a visiting lecturer at the Sir John Cass School of Fine Art, London; visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art, London; and co-director of xviix.

Available Videos to watch
Jamie Jenkinson
Midges (iPhone 7 Plus) / 08:01 / 26.03.20 ▶
Jamie Jenkinson
Crab Apple (iPhone 7 Plus) / 02:12 / 24.03.20 ▶
Jamie Jenkinson
Waffle Window (iPhone 7 Plus) / 10:02 / 09.03.20 ▶
Jamie Jenkinson
Coastal with Ciara (iPhone 7 Plus) / 09:19 / 09.02.20 ▶
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Website: jamiejohnjamesjenkinson.com
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