Heena Song

Heena Song’s work centre’s on the unconscious, metaphysics and mysticism. She uses film as main expression form to deal with human existence and the relationship between film and human mental states.

Heena Song is an experimental filmmaker who lives and works in the UK and China. She has a Masters in Moving Image and sound from Norwich University of the Arts, and graduated with a BFA from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011.

Her work centre’s on mysticism, metaphysics and the unconscious within contemporary arthouse practice. Heena Song’s practice aims to investigate the conflation of the materiality of cinema, the viewing experience, the viewer’s unconscious and to explore the relationship between film and human mental states.

The investigation arises out of a fascination with archetypal, primordial themes and draws upon modes of perception from varied disciplines. Her experiments with hybrid non-linear cinema are created using a form of image alchemy, enabling the film to function as a ritual. These visual and sonic illusions reference permeable boundaries between Being and non-Being, conscious and unconscious states.

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Heena Song
GO TO PLUTO / 17:03 / 2017 ▶
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