Eden Mitsenmacher

Eden Mitsenmacher’s practice combines performance, video and installation to take a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues.

Using pop culture as a frame of reference for social and personal critique but also as a way to create familiarity and accessibility. Sharing and connecting experiences between an I and a You. Presenting hyper-worlds, built from cultural stereotypes and clichés, then pushed to the brink of emotional overload. Kitsch is a conscious strategy in my research and practice. As one of the many individuals who are experiencing the confusion and struggles in the current macro environment I am interested in the doubts, curiosity and cognition for the potential new value orientations and its unpredictable future possibilities.

Born 1987 in the USA; Eden Mitsenmacher works in Rotterdam and Tel Aviv. Holds a BFA from Goldsmiths College University of London and an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute. Has participated in several exhibitions world wide, including; Istanbul Biennial, the Van Abbe Museum in the Netherlands, Holon Design Museum, Liverpool Biennial, Arebyte Gallery London, Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg Germany and many more.

Available Videos to watch
Eden Mitsenmacher
Forever in a Day / 01:10 / 2016 ▶
Eden Mitsenmacher
dot dot dot / 05:32 / 2016 ▶
Eden Mitsenmacher
Loading / 00:56 / 2015 ▶
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