Deniz Şimşek

Deniz Şimşek is working between documentary and fiction with collective and individual constellations, engaging with socio-political formations and returning back to a personal standpoint.

Deniz Şimşek (1995, Istanbul) is a Berlin based filmmaker and media artist who is curious about the possibilities of linking moving image and written word. Her storytelling often finds inspiration in the ways memory operates, reconstructs and self-reflects. Working with different types of footage, exploring their connections, or stressing the absence of those connections, she is experimenting with the filmic form.

Having studied film at Istanbul MSFAU, she is currently studying art and media at the UdK Berlin, under Prof. Thomas Arslan. Her works have been shown internationally in exhibitions, art and film festivals, including the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Kasseler Dokfest, European Media Art Festival and Hamburg Short Film Festival. Deniz is part of the Emerging Artists program of the Federal Association AG Kurzfilm and German Films.

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Deniz Şimşek
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