collectif_fact’s practice is rooted mainly in video and photography and address urban life and movie language via data extraction and digital sampling.

The collectif_fact comprised Annelore Schneider and Claude Piguet. They live and work between London and Geneva. Their projects, mainly video based, are often a deconstruction of what we see as cinematic codes within our visual culture. Their videos frequently use the spectator’s ability to construct stories from ruptured narrative fragments. Collectif_fact weaves together a complex mesh of references: fragments of dialogues, citations and music extracts and play with our desire to be gripped and even deceived by images and stories.

Their films have been shown internationally in art festivals and exhibitions, including Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris, Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, Centre d’art contemporain, Geneva, Lianzhou Foto Festival, Metropolis Art Center, Beijing, Fotomuseum Winterthur. They received numerous awards such as the Swiss Art Award and recently Grand Prix Culturel Migors and residency Art + Technology Space Studios, London.

Available Videos to watch
No Wall is Ever Silent / 12:20 / 2017-18 ▶
No Picture, No Glory or the Triumph of Apophenia / 06:50 / 2016 ▶
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