Chooc Ly Tan

Artist and DJ Chooc Ly Tan questions the way we perceive our world, by inventing eccentric modes of enquiry, and evoking alternate realities.

My practice sets out to investigate systems or tools that are used to understand the world, such as logic or physics, but to subvert them to suggest new and unconventional visions of reality.

As an inquisitive and socio-politically engaged artist, I am interested in occupying the space of the discourse, that is also beyond the art world. My research and art practice is situated at the intersections between art, science, politics and technology. I have worked with musicians, theoretical physicists, and writers to develop inter-disciplinary projects.

Recently my work has been shown at Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China; Chale Wote Festival, Accra, Ghana; Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, UAE; Festival of Ideas, Cambridge, UK; Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, Canada; CCA, Glasgow; Fuso International Video Art Festival, Lisbon, Portugal; Milano Film Festival, Italy. Recent art residencies includes CCA/EduHK, Hong Kong, and The Inhabitation at the Boghossian Foundation, Brussels.

Available Videos to watch
Chooc Ly Tan
Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-) Alienation / 15:00 / 2018 ▶
Chooc Ly Tan
In Space There Is No Up Or Down / 05:00 / 2012 ▶
Chooc Ly Tan
New Materials in the Reading of the World / 05:20 / 2011 ▶
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