Benjie Cluness

Benjie Cluness’ work is derived from a process of appropriation, plagiarising a variety of sources to illicit a false sense of sincerity.

As part of the last generation to remember a time before the internet he is aware of the powerful response that nostalgia can evoke and seeks to utilise this to manipulate the emotions of his audience. These appropriated nostalgic elements retain the sincerity of their original forms, but are often presented without context, creating a vague idea of a feeling, rather than something tangible.

Benjie Cluness was born in the Shetland Isles, to the north of Scotland. He completed a BA in Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art in 2015 and continues to live and work in Glasgow.

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Benjie Cluness
Tamagotchi Made Me Hardcore / 05:25 / 2016 ▶
Benjie Cluness
Only Human / 06:36 / 2015 ▶
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