Anita Delaney

Anita Delaney is interested in the operation and exertion of bodies in the performance of life.

Affect is important in her work with a particular interest in giving attention to the tender and overlooked. Working mainly in moving image but also sculpture and installation, Anita Delaney is interested in life in the contemporary moment and how bodies exist under those conditions. Her video work often features actors, objects and text engaged in deliberate and staged action. Under a culturally dominant narrative of mastery, She is interested in giving the meager centre stage.

Anita Delaney completed her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2011 and currently lives and works in London.

Available Videos to watch
Money / 01:05 / 2023 ▶
Anita Delaney
Cartoon / 00:32 / 2021 ▶
Anita Delaney
Well / 01:28 / 2020 ▶
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