Andrew Black

Andrew Black is an artist and organiser based in Glasgow.

My work subjectively presents queer narratives, exploring personal and collective relationships to work, nature, institutions and the state, and thinks around provinciality.

In ‘Coat of Arms’ (2016), my friend L tattoos the four symbols of the Glasgow coat of arms onto my arm in his flat.

In ‘Rubber Phallus’ (2016), 4 friends recite an edited transcript of a conversation, recounting a trip to the Isle of Skye on the eve of the Brexit vote – discussing bodies, gender and landscape, performing queer selves in rural environments, and communally processing traumatic experiences. Meanwhile, an offscreen anal penetration/ejection with a pink dildo takes place repeatedly, as a still life is built and disassembled from nostalgic objects.

I have exhibited at the Duchy and Market Gallery, Glasgow, and Embassy, Edinburgh, and performed at Buzzcut and Paraphernalia, Glasgow. I was a visiting lecturer at Leeds College of Art in 2012. I served on the Transmission committee in 2016-17.

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Andrew Black
Coat of Arms / 04:05 / 2016 ▶
Andrew Black
Rubber Phallus / 06:43 / 2016 ▶
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