Alberto Cabrera Bernal

By manipulating images and sounds from found footage, Alberto Cabrera Bernal creates films and videos that reflect on the medium itself, and from arise sculptural and musical resonances.

Filmmaker, artist and teacher, Alberto Cabrera Bernal (Madrid, 1976) creates films and videos, mainly using found footage, underlining the sculptural character of cinema by manipulating the physical media of images and sounds. His works in 16 mm surpass the canonical concepts of Structural Film, likewise functioning as autonomous sound pieces, at the same time related to sculpture or architecture.

His films have been shown at international venues and festivals such as Views from the Avantgarde (New York), CCCB (Barcelona), Images Festival (Toronto), Exis (Seoul) and Anthology Film Archives (New York), with solo exhibitions at the Cinemateca Brasileira (Sao Paulo) or La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

He is a teacher at TAI University School of Arts and LAV (Audiovisual Laboratory for Creation and Contemporary Practice), and is also a co-director of the DVD publisher Angular, specializing in experimental cinema and artists’ video.

Available Videos to watch
Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Against Cinema / 09:00 / 2010 ▶
Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Masculine and Feminine (YouTube Series Num.1) / 03:00 / 2011 ▶
Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Revolutionary Speeches (YouTube Series Num.2) / 05:00 / 2011 ▶
Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Political Film (YouTube Series Num.3) / 04:00 / 2012 ▶
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