Ollie Dook

Ollie Dook

I’m interested in the different ways we digest images and how our ancient relationship to looking reflects our contemporary condition.

Ollie Dook’s work often takes its form as a reproduction of a pre-existing image, be it a historical photograph, a sound, meme, documentary or specific sub culture from the world of You-Tube. This content is then either re-appropriated by the process of editing or recreated in the world of CGI and animation. Once distanced from its initial source these images become part of a new idiosyncratic world, a collage of disparate source materials that now exist in new forms. These re-imagined narratives look to highlight the surreal, absurd and at times harrowing nature of the source materials. This embedded nature then forms the conceptual core of each work and reflects the deeply intertwined relationship between humans and images.

Ollie Dook (b.1993, Brighton and Hove, UK) received his MA from the Royal College of Art in London in 2017 specialising in sculpture and moving image. Dook’s work has since been exhibited both nationally and internationally at various venues including Jupiter Artland, Commissioned as part of Edinburgh Arts Festival, Edinburgh; Hannah Barry Gallery, London; and Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Most recent projects include Animal Stories, Commissioned by Daata Editions, 2018, Of Landscape Immersion at Zabludowicz Collection, 2019 and The Moon isn’t Real, A live event at Fold, London, 2019. Dook was awarded Landmark PLC Prize in 2015.

Reflections on a Visit V2

HD Video / 04:07 min / 2017

The Moon isn't Real

HD Video / 09:04 min / 2018