Nathália Oliveira

Nathália Oliveira

Nathália's work is the result of an ongoing investigation about memory, archives, feminism, and what it means to be a Latin-American artist.

Nathália Oliveira is a Latin-American visual artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from film studies and specialised in screenwriting.

Her most recent work, “Sei que Tudo é Memória” (I Know Everything is Memory), won Best Short-Documentary at the Festival de Cine de Hurlingham 2022 in Argentina and was exhibited in film festivals and filmcicles around the world, such as Turning/Turns in Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito, Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival, Lisboa Indie Film Festival, BIFF Sweden, Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto, and others.

She also created the photo series Projeto Mulheres Poderosas (2016–2021), in which, along with the photographer Renata Spinelli, she published stories and portraits of different women around the world.

I Know Everything is Memory

HD Video / 12:40 min / 2021

I Know Everything is Memory is a short documentary made during the pandemic in 2020/2021. It’s a dive into the memories of the director, Nathália Oliveira, and her parents, Paulo and Arlete, who died in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Using family portraits, the filmmaker performs in this film a process of mourning and life affirmation with a dose of fiction, typical of the memories of those who are no longer with us. It's a film about recording, the passage of time, and the nature of the images we keep and produce. It's a way of recording what was left to finally let go.