Natasja Loutchko

Working with video and performance, Natasja Loutchkos works has a ‘happy, hard, cute, play’ aesthetic, where sound and movements is in focus.

Natasja Loutchko is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working in Berlin. She graduated from Städelschule, Frankfurt, with a Meisterschule in Film, studying under Pr. Douglas Gordon. Loutchko holds a strong interest in working with collaborative artist led initiatives and she runs the project space CAVE3000 which was established to investigate the link between the visual arts and performance art, including intimate works and works in progress. CAVE3000 has recently been developed and expanded into ‘caveincloud’ an online virtual reality that allows viewers to access the project space and exhibitions in a new way. Loutchko’s work has been shown at MMK Zollamt, Deutsche Filmmuseum, Dox Copenhagen, SMK Copenhagen and Roskilde Festival.

Working with a deliberately naïve and known raw aesthetic Loutchkos’ work (which spans performance, film and installation and includes photography, printed matter and painting) explores themes of trauma and taboo. Natasja Loutchkos borderline trash aesthetic and socio-documentary film work captures an emotional rawness that reflects both tenderness and rage as it navigates a complex layering of emotions. Although some of Natasja Loutchko’s work is autobiographical it is still highly accessible to the viewer as she readily presents pain and intensity as a shared reality trough fiction. This is also reflected in her sensibility to materials, made visible in her mark-making and other gestures.

Odd Wood Mom

HD mobile-phone / color / 05:13 min / 2014