Manuel Embalse

Manuel Embalse

Since I was 16 years old, I've been making music and film simultaneously. I'm interested in working from an experimental point of view, looking for new narratives that break the boundaries between fiction and documentary.

I was born in 1991 at the peak of media technology, I think not only of historical memory but also of digital memory. Being in contact with filming, editing and sound recording of images since 2008 (the year when I edited a video for the first time) made me develop a vision of reality in an audiovisual way. But everyday, I think: "How to work with digital images in the present so full of images?"

Manuel Embalse (Buenos Aires, 1991), Artist, amateur archeologist, film worker, and Member of Antes Muerto Cine film collective. He has a degree as Editor at UNA (National University of Art) and participated in 2019 Berlinale Talents BA as Director, and in 2022 Berlinale Talents Berlin as Editor.

He directs, writes, assists, produces, edits, and is also a musician and sound designer. From the age of 17 he recorded songs at home and as a soloist, he released 9 albums through the label Fuego Amigo Discos. He made music for plays, films and installations. Since 2013, he directed, filmed, wrote, sounded, edited and produced short films and published three web series based on personal footage. In 2019 he won the Audiovisual Experimentation Award of the Young Biennial of Art to produce “What I’m doing in this visual world?”, debut feature that portrays the life of Zezé Fassmor, a blind artist from Peru. Premiered in 2020 in Festifreak, it went through several festivals and international exhibitions and it had its commercial theatrical release in Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia.

What I'm doing in this visual world?

HD Video / 01:03:30 / 2020

What is it like to produce images in 2020 being blind? Zezé Fassmor is a peruvian multidicisplinary artist based in Buenos Aires. He lost his sight at age 25 and today, at 32 and with the idea of ​​seeing again believing in science and technology, he films and takes photos generating his own footage to see those images in the future. We travel to the Iguazu Falls, exploring the geography of the senses to film another scene of his imagination.

Encyclopedia Catalog

HD Video / 19:31 min / 2020

One day, I found a box in the trash with super 8 cartridges and a book entitled "Catalog". The images could be from a cameraman of the past or the future. What would happen if someone found my life in a SD card in a pawnshop? What would my catalog of images contain? Cities, nature and a diary of a digital memory.


HD Video / 14:09 min / 2017

Where's everything that is useless? A cell phone and personal file footage of a city that self-destructs, which can be any city in the world. Obsolete technology, urban water, the ephemeral light on the screens and a particular selection of characters from Buenos Aires. A new era is beginning and these are the traces of transformation.


HD Video / 03:40 min / 2015

A woman at sea is looking for someone she knows to take her picture. Using sign language, she insists. The person doesn't come. That's when, after seeing that the woman was having a hard time capturing that moment of connection with the sea, the observer becomes the personal photographer.