We are a Vienna-based duo, researching, making films, curating, and performing since 2020. Our practice is oriented around fabulating and working towards "pleasant queer futures.“ We identify as queer, migrant, and hopeful.

We (Maggessi/Morusiewicz) are a duo of researching artists and curators, working with found-footage, audiovisual material, digital/analogue printing techniques, and textile installations. Situating our practice within queer, critical-archive, and post-/anti-/decolonial discourses, we employ (peri-)academic theory to explore spaces of in-betweenness, ambiguity, and pleasure through collaging films, sounds, and images. Our practice encompasses various forms and formats. As we state in our biographical note, we research, curate, perform, film, and make artworks, all of which we do together. We often find it tricky to pinpoint what exactly we do while we do it. Not that this is a problem; this is what characterizes our collaborative work. We are equally preoccupied with the conception of an artwork, as we are with its production, installation, and mediation, which is sometimes an overwhelming feat that requires of us considerable time and focus.

Our collaborative practice stems from our mutual interests in (expanded) film, critical archive studies, and queer historiography. While our backgrounds are quite different, we meet in the common desire of creating spaces for encounters between fictional and real-life characters, human and non-human. These characters find themselves often experiencing joyful moments, as well as times of emotional turmoil. What unites them is our ambiguous relationship towards them: a kinship often based in nostalgia along with a problematic aftertaste, duo to the context in which they exist(ed). We are interested in the potential of bringing together different cultural materials (films, images, objects, sounds, text) in a way that could be generative of knowledge and affect.

I Am and Tell Me What

HD Video / 18:24 min / in-process

“I Am and Tell Me What” is a film in-process and a film about a process. It is a non-chronological and fragmented record of a research investigation that Maggessi and Morusiewicz initiated in 2021, while working towards curating a Vienna-based exhibition “The Poiesis of Composting,” as well as their own artistic performative pieces. The film is built out of snippets from a seven-day bicycle trip that the duo took around Carinthia‘s lakes, interrupted and fuelled by references to texts, films, and music. The latter function as a transmedial bibliography to their collaborative artistic research practice. Exploring their multi-faceted relationship while digressing about academic essays, blockbuster horror movies, and arthouse videos, the filmmakers-turned-protagonists point their cameras on their immediate surroundings and on each other for the purpose of fabulating stories about convivial queer futures. All this unravels in a stream of loose associations and at a languid pace of a scorching hot summer, scored by the ongoing hum of always-present cicadas.