Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones

I am interested in appropriating and deconstructing image, sound and language – digital and physical twitches that disrupt time and narratives.

I am a multi – media artist based in Scotland whose practice incorporates film; sound; archive; manipulated still images & site-specific, participatory interactions. I am interested in rhythmic assemblage and cut up techniques. I often layer elements in anachronistic ways that perhaps result in an audio-visual perpetual busyness without any obvious traditional function or narrative. For me this non-linear, experimental approach creates liminal portals sometimes quite nonsensical and occasionally veering more towards parts than a whole. My research often centres around ideas of rhizome and multi stranded looped audio inserts gleaned from reading and internet browsing. I’m currently browsing Buckminster Fuller and the Earth as a Spaceship.

Jones is a curator, educator and sometimes DJ based in the Scottish Borders with a passion for creative investigation, experimentation and community engagement. She has a portfolio of curated exhibitions, film screenings, events and community projects. She is a programmer for Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival and Films for Change, a founding member of The Moving Image Makers Collective, a member of Collective Nonsense and more recently the Lost Property Collective.

Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere

HD Video / 02:16 min / 2021

“There is nothing more beautiful than to go for a walk over one’s own house,” This film is part of a Moving Image Makers Collective project “Conversations with A Forest” Words take from Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s “For Future”.

Red Wheelbarrow

HD Video / 05:28 min / 2020

A meditative, layered, overly repetitive film of daily life during the summer months of 2020. A collaboration between myself and Viki Litton who sent films daily via WhatsApp during the first lockdown.

Perishable Instants

HD Video / 03:03 min / 2019

Perishable Instants is a re-edit of an attempted B movie which I filmed and edited whilst assisting with a month long Alchemy Film & Arts Filmmakers Residency at Cafe Tissardmine in the Moroccan Sahara, 2018. Being in the desert for the first time was an overwhelming experience, feelings of being an otherworldly visitor to a place that was once a seabed, evidenced by the hundreds of fossils in the rocks. This landscape felt alien, lunar and otherworldly.