Karen Nikgol

My work is intercrossed between painting, video, performance productions and curatorial structures that deal with street symbolism, the erotic and esotericism.

Born in Teheran and having traveled extensively, Karen Nikgols’ work mixes cultural expressions and identities in an alchemical meltdown to find new ways of expression. Contemporary dance, choreography, raves, street cultures, new age and occultism all play into the body of work, investigating how to break down the boundaries between these. As a curator Karen Nikgol uses these skills in performance based works, creating direction and choreography on stage and in galleries that involve artists, dancers, martial arts practitioners, amateurs and writers, intertwining their different professions into a new mythical structure or narrative. The video works also incorporate performance documentations to produce further narratives, creating an abstraction of the original source material.


HD Video / 06:00 min / 2016-18

‘Empowerment’ is a short film about the soft, sensuous body under the empowerment of neon lights, symbolism and semiotics, and how to overcome it.

Satyricon (Short)

HD Video / 06:00 min / 2016

Short film “Satyricon” (Short), premiered at Black Box Teater Oslo, 25th-28th of august 2016. Screened as an prologue to the stage production.


HD Video / 12:00 min / 2009

“EixxxTabb”, The Goddess of those who hang themselves. Karen Nikgol's first film, dealing with suicide cults, urban, modern sectarian violence and esoteric themes.