Josefin Arnell

Josefin Arnell

Working with extended video, mixed media installations, poetry and performance, Josefin Arnell navigates between exuberance and self-exploitation.

Together with amateurs actors she create unrehearsed film scenes and use humour as a device to discuss notions of the body-health, isolation, family and sexual politics. Her fictional and semi-fictional works combine elements and structures from disaster documentaries, advertising campaigns and soap operas. Where the horse, the teenage girl and the mother are recurring characters alongside clumsy allegories in conflicts of human condition or environmental catastrophes.

Her documentary ‘Mothership goes to Brazil’, based on her relationship with her mother and her afflictions, beliefs, addictions and co-dependencies, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2016 (IDFA). Josefin Arnell holds an MA from Dirty Art department at Sandberg Instituut (2014) and participated in the two-year international residency program at Rijks Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam (2015/16).

Mothership goes to Brazil

HD Video / 27:32 min / 2016

From a Swedish burned down forest Josefin Arnell brings Mothership (her own mother) to the spiritual town Abadiania, Brazil to meet John of God, one of the most famous healers in the world. But when they arrive, John of God has been hospitalised. A mother daughter relation, infected by alcoholism, codependency and love.

Mental Hunt/Running

HD Video / 01:50 min (duration 09:55 min looped) / 2016


HD Video / 02:07 min / 2015

A whale is listening to self hypnotic music to get rid of her fear from water


HD Video / 03:21 min / 2013